COVID-19 Resources for Families |

COVID-19 Resources for Families

In an effort to keep all important resources in one place for families, we have put together a resources page that will direct you to finding supports and educational tools for your family as we manage through the COVID-19 health crisis.  If there's something you can't find and think would be helpful to include on this page, please email

Interested in how we're planning for school re-entry in the fall of 2020? Check out our draft re-entry plan to learn more:
2020-2021 School Re-Entry Plan (DRAFT - June 26, 2020)

Health and Wellness Supports

Family School Liaison Worker Supports (mental health, counselling services, wellness, nutrition)
PRSD Health and Wellness Video Channel (mental health, wellness and visual supports for families)
AHS South Zone Mental Health Capacity Building Project (formerly DREAMS and REAL)
Canadian Mental Health Association Blog (South Alberta region supports)
Health and Wellness Guide (with QR codes) for PRSD Wellness Program
Food Preparation Guide (with QR codes) for PRSD Nutrition Program
Additional Health and Wellness Resources (documents)

Low German Mennonite Supports

Low German Mennonite Community Resource (developed by the South Zone Low German Community Resources Committee)

Technology Supports - Parents and Staff

Parent Guide to Google Classroom (learn what Google Classroom is and how you can gain access)
Seesaw for Families (what is Seesaw and how does it work)
Seesaw - Video (how to sign into Seesaw at home)
Flipgrid (a getting started how to guide for students)

Learn at Home Education Supports

Free Online Events and Activities for at Home Learning (Common Sense Media)
JK at Home Learning (Scholastic)
Art - Lunchtime Doodles (follow along art class lessons)
Cooking at Home (resources to help kids learn in the kitchen)
K-12 Learning Resources (Pearson learning math resources and tips for learning at home)